Financial Solutions for Local Authorities

Working closely with private sector developers, institutional investors and Public Sector bodies we have identified a number of innovative development structures  which can support an Authorities strategic development ambitions

We have found it possible to provide tailored solutions within challenges all commercial and residential sectors and in particular most recently for Affordable Housing and Extra Care Living.

Given the financial restrictions facing most Council our advice is now predicated on achieving sustainable additional revenue streams and acknowledges the wider GVA benefit this can create.

We see our role to ensure any initiates meets the Councils requirements; identifies and addresses any inherent risks and to safeguards that ‘best value’ is obtained.

Our roles can include

The identification of suitable opportunities

Initial Valuation and development appraisals to calculate viability

Support to an Authority which acts as a direct developer, acting  as development manager

The selection of a JV partner and negotiation of a development management agreement

The assessment of potential future revenue generation

The explanation of possible funding options to include PWLB, leasing structures, use of reserves etc.